The most accurate iOS app detection system


Better understand your users

iHasApp is an iOS framework that allows developers to detect apps that are currently installed on their users' devices.

genius Intelligent

Refined over the course of three years, iHasApp uses multiple heuristics to achieve the best results.

support App Store safe

iHasApp only uses public and documented API methods, and has been integrated into hundreds of apps on the App Store.

dev Easy to use

Integration into any app or framework can be accomplished in as few as two lines of code.

shoeprints Small footprint

Finely tuned to use a minimum of device CPU, memory and bandwidth, detections complete in less than a few seconds.

smartphone Universal support

iHasApp supports any iOS device running 5.0 or above, and supports detecting apps from any country.

rocket Always improving

Continuous curation ensures that iHasApp's dataset remains up-to-date and ever more accurate.

Simple pricing for all use cases

We also have a free plan

$ 9 /month
50 thousand detections
Server-side webhooks
Client-side results
$2 per 10,000 additional
$ 900 /month
20 million detections
Server-side webhooks
Client-side results
$5 per 100,000 additional

Frequently Asked Questions

Will using iHasApp get my app rejected?

iHasApp only uses public and documented methods, and as a result is App Store safe. To date, over one hundred apps have been submitted and approved with iHasApp integrated.

Why is iHasApp detecting most, but not all, apps?

While iHasApp is able to detect the existence of many iOS apps, unfortunately not every app implements the protocol iHasApp uses for detection. It is not a perfect system, but currently the best option.

How does it detect apps?

iHasApp uses two primary heuristics to determine which apps are installed on a device. The first is by checking the existence of certain URL schemes (the inter-app communication protocol on iOS). The second is by examining the active processes list for running apps.

How long does an app detection take?

App detections usually take less than one or two seconds from start to finish. Depending on the device model and network conditions, detections can take as little as 500ms or as long as five seconds.

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